Beyonce’s Blonde Hair Color: Details From Rita Hazan

You’re so funny if you thought we were going to talk about something ELSE today. Not while the Internet at large is polarized by the pixie that shook the nation. Rita Hazan created Beyonce‘s color for her new recently revealed pixie cut.  Here are the details, straight from Hazan. 

Rita states,” “Beyonce’s new look is modern and old Hollywood at the same time, and makes such a statement.  We wanted the color to be soft and sexy so I chose to highlight her hair with champaign and summer blonde tones. By strategically highlighting her whole head in very tiny sections, we achieved the perfect look.”

What are your thoughts on the ‘do and the color?

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1 Comment Beyonce’s Blonde Hair Color: Details From Rita Hazan

  1. shavedbarista

    I am a professional hair colorist and her roots look terrible. Why claim you did a whole head of finely weaved highlights, when in fact she looks like 8 weeks growth from a single process. With her hair being so naturally dark , you had no other option but to leave her tone warm. Or else her hair would have broken off. In any event I she looks great with the short hair, such a beautiful face


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