tarte Does The Harlem Shake

For the uninitiated, the Harlem Shake is officially A Thing.

Legions have been doing the dance, including Kyle MacLachlan’s epic “Twin Peaks” rendition. Basically, it requires a single person rocking a ridiculous mask in an office or other such setting (the original took place in an apartment) and everyone else looking on as if nothing’s happening. Then, in the next scene, EVERYONE’s donning Mardi-Gras level costumes and rocking out. Don’t ask, just get involved.

I had a 30-minute conversation on the phone about it with my BFF Lee last night (in which we also discussed the cultural relevance of a famous philosopher you should know about named Macklemore.) And now, natural makeup brand extraordinaire tarte gets in on the Harlem Shake craze, with this video below. Check it.

What’s your favorite Harlem Shake rendition?

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