I was introduced to Sunsilk before it was sold in the US by my friend Marina who was studying in London. After which, I promptly fell in love with it and implored any friends, family or coworkers who traveled across the pond to bring me back as many bottles of the purple smoothing shampoo and conditioner (for curly, kinky hair)as they could carry. The best part is that the stuff is so cheap, widely distributed in Boots (the Walgreens of London).

Whoever hired Mario Cantone (Anthony, Charlotte’s gay BF on SATC) to promote it is a genius. I cannot get enough of him. On a recent venture to Cafeteria with my own SATC-type group of fantastic women, Jeanine and I could not stop quoting him. “I’m sending it, Prom Queen!” “I thought it was my mother telling me to go to Bed, Bath and Freaking Beyond.”

As luck would have it, Sunsilk has finally been released in the US. It’s as if they read this BLOG and were concerned about my impending move to the UK (I’m not gonna lie, part of it was also Sunsilk-related) and subsequently have made the US version even more fabulous. I purchased a bottle of shampoo and conditioner for $3.50 each at Target last weekend and am super impressed with the results. It’s possible that my hair became immune to Back to Basics and was needing a new conditioner, but I don’t remember my hair feeling or smelling as great as it does today. P.S. The weather in NY is disgusting, but you’d never know if you were to view my hair right now. No curls, no kinks, no frizz.

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