Eucerin Healthy Skin Challenge Concludes: Please Vote!

Great for slathering on your tootsies in the brisk winter weather. 
Ladies, I hope you’ve enjoyed my updates about my Eucerin Skin Care Challenge this year. Four other beauty bloggers and I have participated in the year-long project, where we’ve shared the importance of treating skincare like healthcare and pledged to put the health of our skin first. Through multiple consultations with the Eucerin Skin First Council, tailored skincare regimens courtesy of Dr. Ingleton and product giveaways, I’ve shared skin care stories with you and now it’s time for you, all you fabulous readers (your hair looks excellent today, I might say) to decide the winner! Also, you’ll have a chance to win a little something for yourself (because Eucerin’s nice like that). 

Visit to meet all of the bloggers and learn more about the awards. Each week, one lucky voter will have the chance to win a Eucerin Gift Basket or Spa Gift Card both valued at $150. The voting will be live beginning on Tuesday, December 11th through December 31st. The blogger with the most votes will win a trip to Germany (!!) and winner will be announced in the beginning of January. So vote for me please!

Love you, mean it,

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