Miley Cyrus Cuts All Her Hair Off

So Miley Cyrus tweeted this photo last night. What the WHAT? Said Miley, “Never felt more like me in my whole life.” I’m all for short crops and some people look excellent in them (Michelle Williams, for example). But I have to say, I’m not loving this style on Miley. She has the face for a shorter cut but I’m just not feeling this one. Perhaps she got a little smug about her Liam Helmsworth engagement and pilates body?

What do you think about Miley’s new cropped ‘do(n’t)?

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5 Comments Miley Cyrus Cuts All Her Hair Off

  1. Amber Katz

    Anon, not really. Perhaps she donated her hair before her chop to a bob a few weeks ago, but going from a bob to a pixie would give a cancer victim about 3″ worth of hair–not enough for a wig.


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