Spotted At Sundance: ‘TrueBlood”s Ryan Kwanten

That’s how close he was. iDie.

Guys, TrueBlood‘s Ryan Kwanten (who will always be Jason Stackhouse in my head) was mere feet from me at a football party held at the Sky Lodge Hotel. Other Sundance celeb sightings include James Marsden (!), Malin Akerman, Michael Cera (he’s my fave) and Cheryl Hines. We’re off to NYC today after a weekend filled with fun, extreme winter sports like SNOWMOBILING, dinner in a yurt on top of a mountain and multiple parties. Unfortunately we weren’t able to screen any films this time, but it was an incredible experience, all thanks to Got2be. I’ll be updating you guys about their new product Powderful later this week.

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