Bliss Fabulips In-spa Treatment & At-home Kit Review

I’m not going to lie. When I was invited to come into Bliss49 for their new Fabulips treatment ($35 for the 15-minute service) it felt… indulgent. I mean, going to a spa JUST for my lips? Having SOMEONE ELSE apply a scrub and balm to me? It seemed very peel me a grape, you know?

And THEN, 2.5 months deep into my 3-month prescription of Doxycycline, an acne medication, and my lips are so SAHARA and just TIGHT, they feel like they’re trying to break free from these chains of MEMBRANE (in the awkwardly paraphrased words of Wilson Phillips). They are so dry I actually have to take a mid-meal break to reapply balm. I have no fewer than four on me at all times. So when I experienced my treatment this morning, I was actually beyond pleasantly surprised that it’s worth the time and money for a professional service, I actually left relieved–and with a beautifully exfoliated, plump pout. And in the dead of winter, this little procedure will be most appreciated.

It starts out with an application of the foaming lip cleanser, which works much like the triple oxygen foaming mask. It literally digests your lipstick or gloss in a flash. It’s a great alternative to using makeup remover on your lips to rid yourself of lip color at night. Then, Keisha, head aesthetician at Bliss49, did a bit of  microdermabrasian on my lips on the lowest setting to deflake before applying some of the sugar scrub. The scrub was removed, then the lip plumper was applied and sets in for two minutes, during which you enjoy a lovely arm/hand massage. Lastly, Keisha topped off the plumper with a healthy application of my favorite item of the bunch, the Fabulips Softening Lip Balm, which has the consistency of BUTTER in stick form to replenish and hydrate my sorely-in-need-of-moisture lips.

For an easy, quick spa experience on a budget, Fabulips is excellent and I love the difference microdermabrasian made on my mouth. But if you’re a DIY gal, you can get a similar experience with the at-home kit, which retails for $45 at Be impulsive and pick one up.

Disclaimer: Product and service was provided for editorial consideration. 

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