Coffee People K-Cup Kona Blend Island Style

Can I take a moment and bitch about how EVERY SINGLE THING I REQUIRE is in like, NO supply? It’s like I have to go to eBay for EVERYTHING.
First, it was my absolutely necessary (I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just leave it at the fact that I’m a GUNSHOT WOUND victim on  monthly basis) O.B. Ultra Plus Tampons, which were summarily discontinued, much to my dismay. Now, I have to buy the British counterpart sold in 100-packs from eBay and spend like, $30 doing it. Ridic.

THEN, I got outbid at the last 90 seconds from the epic Missoni for Target rug I wanted. This dipshit shot the price up to $740 at the last minute, and homey wasn’t willing to play slash PAY that so I DIDN’T GET MY RUG, which I’d ASSUMED was in the BAG at two minutes left last night.

THEN, my favorite Keurig coffee K-cups, Kona Blend are DISCONTINUED. They taste amazing and look how GORGEOUS that packaging is. WHY would I drink ANOTHER COFFEE? It seems ridiculous to. I see that THOSE are also being hawked by yet another Crazy Hoarder of Things I Need for Profit on eBay, but I draw the line there. I’ll just have to drink far less glamorous coffee.


That is all.

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