ASOS Tailored Fit And Flare Dress


If you can think of a single reason not to purchase the ASOS Tailored Fit and Flare Dress ($81), please share it because I do not believe you. It’s easy on your wallet. It’s stretchy, the perfect length, appropriate for everything from a date to dinner at your grandmother’s to your (by your I mean my) oppressively corporate office environment I’m thankfully only dipping my toe in these days (one day a week, friends–why is that joint like the mafia? I can’t escape!). It comes in a variety of colors; I’m enjoying it as I live and blog in black. Oh, and also? It’s seasonless.

In short–get involved.

You’re welcome.

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3 Comments ASOS Tailored Fit And Flare Dress

  1. Amber Katz

    Eh, I don’t agree. Keep in mind that’s a tall model. It comes to a 2-5 inches above the knee. Wearing something just above the knee is what Stacy London suggests for nearly everyone on What Not To Wear. you wear something below the knee (unless it’s maxi) and you look dumpy.

  2. Anonymous

    In my humble opinion, it’s too short for the full skirt. Most people couldn’t pull this off. GOtta be pretty tall and skinny.


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