Midtown Mavens: Get Thee To Angelo David Salon

Gals, if you work in Midtown Manhattan (on the east side) and you’re in need of a Shellac manicure with resident manicurist Mariana (a DOLL) or blow-out (ask for Megan), make an appointment at Angelo David Salon at 48 East 43rd street.  This utterly convenient Grand Central adjacent/centrally located beauty enclave boasts private beauty rooms, Redken and Pureology products, a super-friendly staff and owner Angelo’s own private label tools and products. The latter are especially fantastic. To find out my faves, read on…

Angelo David Pocket-sized Boar Bristle Brush ($35) My best tip is to ALWAYS brush out your hair thoroughly (which I always pronounce the way Julianne Moore did in The Big Lebowski–“thorUHly”) before you wash it to distribute your natural oils from your scalp down to the ends, where your strands desperately need hydration.

Angelo David Large Wide-toothed Comb ($14) This is a savoir for anyone with coarse, curly or totally tangled hair. I always start my at-home styling with a brisk comb-through with a wide-toothed comb like this one before applying volumizing spray at my roots and a styling oil at the ends. Then, I give my hair another once-over with the comb to evenly distribute product. This comb is perfectly sized and priced. 

Both are available at angelodavid.com. Call 212-883-6620 to make an appointment.

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