Giveaway: Summer Tote Filled with Beauty Goodies

Ladies, this week I’ve partnered with Venus, Secret and Olay to give away a huge LL Bean tote filled with phenom beauty goodies including:

  • Gillette Venus and Olay Bikini Kit
  • Olay Total Effects Plus Cooling Hydration Moisturizer
  • Secret Clinical Deodorant
  • A Plush Towel from Pottery Barn

There are two ways to enter:

1. Comment on this post by telling me your favorite summertime beauty ritual


2. Follow me on Twitter (I’m @glambr) and RT the following: Follow me and RT to enter to win a tote filled with summer products

The deadline is next Friday, July 16 at 5pm ET. US residents only, please. I’ll announce the winner on Twitter and on this post.

Good luck!

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69 Comments Giveaway: Summer Tote Filled with Beauty Goodies

  1. Anonymous

    my favourite summer ritual is wearing lose and light clothes with bright colours, drinking lots of water, taking shower 3 times a day pampering myself with manicures, pedicures and facials simple love it…

  2. Shawna

    My Favorite Summer beauty ritual is a to do a home waxing treatment. Not that I like the pain, but especially in the Summer, being bathing suit season and all, I love to know that I’ve taken care of that unwanted hair and that it is going to stay that way for awhile.

  3. Mariaf

    My favorite summertime ritual is not wearing foundation and bright nailpolish on my fingers and toes!

  4. victoria99

    My summertime ritual is to go to revive myself by sitting in a bathtub full of bubbles with a hint of Lavendar aroma in the air surrounded by candles. After, I like to put a nice body lotion on to make me feel rejuvenated. It’s a “me” moment. Sometimes I even put soft music on to relax me as well. It’s a summertime ritual that I enjoy, especially after a long summer day.

  5. ladylisa

    Oh I forgot to say my nails and feet are always done in the summer I don’t know why I just make sure they are done in the summer the most. My feet have to have the nail polish on them with the sandals and all they would feel naked without it hehe.

  6. rex

    My favorite summer beauty ritual is my pedicure before my big summer vacation. I always get a bright, cheerful color that puts me in a mood for sun and sand.

  7. Valerie H.

    I love the simplicity of my summer routine: Splash my face with cold water in the a.m., apply antioxidant serum, rub on some tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and….done!

    valhoff3 at yahoo dot com

  8. ladylisa

    My summer beauty routine is moisturize my shaved legs a must 🙂 Then for makeup I mostly moisturize and use light foundation and oh a must have eyeliner and mascara. With it being so hot I like to keep make up on the lighter side.

  9. laura

    I use sea salt spray on my hair so I don’t have to blow dry in the heat. I prefer Sunsilk’s Sea Mist but it was discontinued so I bought six bottles on eBay to get me through!!

  10. abby

    in the summer all i need is my laura mercier tinted moisturizer and my NARS laguna blush! the perfect summer glow. it takes almost no time and you look sunkissed. i love summer!

  11. Shannon

    My favorite summertime ritual is placing cool cucumbers on my eyes at night about 30 mins before I go to sleep…it cools & rests my eyes after a long & hot summer day.

    Also tweeting too!


  12. Anonymous

    I love a good body scrub in a cool shower….exfoliates and cools me off at the same time.

    Crystal S.
    crittlebeans at hotmail dot com

  13. Kimberly

    My favorite summertime ritual is my weekly application of sunless tanner!
    kimberly.reuter (at) yahoo (dot) com

  14. GotMyMojoWorkin

    Well, yeah, it’s a ritual… but there’s no chanting or cloaks or candles or anything. When the weather here in the South tends to make a girl wilt, I need a little extra something to put out that calm, cool, and collected vibe.

    I keep my fave summertime scent (Sunset Heat by Escada) in the fridge. Just after I rock a pair of strappy sandals and before I head out the door, I spritz a little cloudburst of the fragrance into the air in front of me and then walk into it. I close my eyes as it settles onto my skin in a light veil of delectable coolness. I feel instantly refreshed and can head for whatever adventure awaits knowing that I smell as good as I look.

    Our mamas may have taught us to be sweet (and we are), but we also have that “sultry” thing goin’ on. The heat and the humidity down here may be oppressive, but let’s just say the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s SIZZLING!

  15. LJ

    showering at night after a long day at the beach. It feels so great to shave & get the sand off then put massive amounts of body lotion on afterwards.

  16. Dutchbrosluv

    Summer time is when I buy new nail polish to do a pedicure with my girlfriend and we highlight our hair. Of course a little wine too, so we have some girl time away from the men! I like getting a good self tanning product too to look as I am summer ready! This cost very little when you do it yourself and this summer tote would make a fun night too! Tweeted @Dutchbrosluv and fanned your facebook and shared!

  17. vnssa906

    My favorite summertime beauty ritual would have to be painting my toenails! I love trying out every color in the rainbow, and different designs 🙂 During the cold months, I don’t bother putting anything on my toes, because my nails are fragile and who’s going to see my toes anyway (besides my husband lol)

    Thanks for this giveaway! I’m loving every single item!

    xxxo, Vanessa

  18. Jessie Lynn

    My favorite is taking cool showers! I love cool showers after a hot day. Plus, I love lightening up with tinted moisturizer instead of heavy foundations.


  19. Megan

    My favorite summertime beauty ritual is using my clean and clear morning burst facial scrub then following up with a simple cat eye liner to get ready for the day.

  20. lolamichele

    I love cool showers, but cant’ take one unless it is really hot outside. the cold water is so much better for your hair than the hot, and not nearly as drying to skin.

    boswife @ gmail . com

  21. toonces1989

    No doubt about it – regular pedicures. I don’t pamper my feet when they’re covered but in summer, I go barefoot as much as possible. No gnarly toes and heels for me!

  22. From A Stylist's Tip Jar

    My favorite summertime beauty ritual is getting a pedicure. While I know the importance of pedicures year round I especially love pedicures in the summertime because I can really show of my polish.


  23. Peanut

    I love wearing a little less make-up in the summer, lighter eye colors, and a little bronzer instead of foundation. Makes me feel like I might have some color in my sad, pale Seattle skin – even if only for a few weeks out of the year! 🙂

  24. betty

    my fav summertime ritual is plenty of fresh clean water and fresh cucumber slices to place on eyes to reduce puffiness! i tweeted this too,,thank you
    alwaysatryin2 at

    nannato5 @ tweeter


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