Tabio Socks Will Knock Yours Off.

When the Creative Director at the mutual fund to which I’ve returned to work in a freelance capacity called “Katz! Get in here. I want to show you my socks.” I thought… socks? Who cares? I mean, tights, those I can get jazzed about. She and I frequently do “show and tell” for our new wardrobe and beauty acquisitions. But socks… when was the last time you were REMOTELY enchanted by a pair of socks? I’ll tell you when, NOW. I was blown away by the bag of Tabio sock confections she’d scored from a friend who recently sojourned in Tokyo (Japants, as Felicia fondly refers to it).

The Creative D kindly bestowed onto me a pair of lace-up sockettes (admittedly glamateur pic of them at left), which go with open-toed shoes or with close-toed flats and while it sounds crazy–they jazz up any pair of kicks exponentially. Also check out the lacy foot adornments that spice up open toed shoes by adding a vertical ruffle down your instep. You need to see it to believe it. Peruse the site at

Alas darlings, you can only score these jewels in London or Tokyo, but I believe you can order from the brand’s ecommerce site, They’re not cheap (around £22.00 a pop!) but since there’s NO competitor (that I know of), it’s a must to check out. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about socks–but were afraid to ask.

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