New Revlon Photo Ready Foundation: Review and Photos

So my friend Elle (who’s really my friend Lauren, who unofficially changed her name, much to everyone’s–including my own–confusion) recently sent me this email:

From: Friedman, Lauren
To: Katz, Amber
Subject: New blog topic

Why my makeup never stays on past 9AM, a sonnet by Lauren Friedman.

Naturally, I advised her of my new favorite item, which lasts longer than this goddamn recession. It’s the utterly and completely NOT overhyped Revlon PhotoReady Foundation ($14). It is THE FABULOUSNESS. Capital letters, italics and bold font are all necessary.

When I saw that my gal Annie mentioned it on Blogdorf Goodman and asked whether she “needs to get in [her] car and start hitting every drugstore in town,” I was taken aback. And THEN, I watched Makeup Geek do a review of it as well. I was pretty sold by this point. I’m not snobby about drugstore makeup, but I confess that when it comes to drugstore FOUNDATION, well…. I usually go prestige for that. But, consider me glambivilant about nearly every high end foundation I’ve ever fallen in love with because compared to THIS $14 JEWEL, they’re drek. You read that right. THIS Revlon foundation is the best I ever had, in the words of Drake. Check the full review.

Comparison: Revlon on the left, Make Up For Ever HD on the right. Stila Yumberry Crush on lips and cheeks.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Review
: To me, it’s a comparable to a hybrid of Make Up For Ever HD Foundation (a holy grail item) and La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation SPF 15 ( a new favorite of mine. Stay tuned for a full review). It provides smooth, even coverage that’s not too heavy and is superblendable. It has a bit of glow to it, without being shimmery. The texture is creamy and almost primer-like. Without BEING primer. Which I classify as totally bullshit, if you want to know the truth. I tried a press sample in Nude, which isn’t quite my color, but is close enough that I’ll probably burn through the entire bottle. And I rarely finish a bottle of foundation, lovies. Anywho, I’m constantly disappointed that things don’t look and function the way I used to envision they would in the future. For example: Why don’t we have flying cars yet? Why isn’t everything the way it is in Back To The Future II? Why aren’t our clothes more Balenciaga-esque on the WHOLE? Why haven’t airlines changed their planes in YEARS? WHERE IS MY HOVERBOARD? Etc. But this foundation? Totally ahead of its time. Bravo, Revlon. You’re ON it.

Anyway, in response to my suggestion, Lauren DID pen a sonnet:

There once was a girl named Elle

Stuck in a situation from hell
Each morning she’ll rise
Lovely makeup she applies
But it just doesn’t stick very well.
So she went to her friend named A
Knew she would have something to say
“It not so tough, doll. Just rock some Revlon Photo Ready Foundation.”
And sent poor Elle on her way.
Now every morning right there
In front of her magnifying mirror and chair
Elle sweeps on the Revlon
Her face lasts all the day
And now it’s totally all about hair.
The End.

Do you love it? I’m working on the next one, which will be in iambic pentameter. Get excited.

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation is available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.

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13 Comments New Revlon Photo Ready Foundation: Review and Photos

  1. Anonymous

    next time try taking the pictures with the SAME light source. how else are we to actually see the difference?

  2. Teri

    It’s nice to see that Revlon might be making a come back, even if it is a little one, there are headed in the right direction, with the launch of what sounds like a stellar products. I’ll be looking for my perfect shade at CVS today, especially after reading your glowing review, I need to give this beauty a good try for myself.

  3. Alix

    Maybe now Revlon could upgrade the rest of their line, which sucks? (With the exception of Colorstay Ultimate Lip Color, which loses points because the colors are all boring and look alike.)

  4. Trude

    Hmmm I might just have to give that a try! I’ve tried MUFE’s foundation but it doesn’t blend as well as I would like. Been hooked on Laura Mercier powder foundation lately. 🙂

  5. Khalia@GlamourandLove

    Man! So frustrating that the Pac Northwest area always seems to be so late on getting new products! I saw a review on this by fafinettex3 on youtube and have been wanting to try it but they don’t have it in my area yet. Grrr! I’ll have to check again today! I like the Revlon Colorstay so if that stuff is better then I’m all over it!!

  6. Julia

    Yes! I was already worried about replacing my $40 Laura Mercier when it runs out. Revlon, hello! (Bonus points that Revlon doesn’t do animal testing.)

  7. Amber

    Thanks, Carey! I always use my fingers, actually. I find the heat from my hands actually helps emulsify the foundation a bit helping it to blend. I use a concealer brush, though, for concealer. Which I always apply AFTER foundation.

  8. Carey

    Ha, love the sonnet! So clever. I’m gonna have to give this a try.
    I was curious – what do you use to apply your liquid foundation? Brush, sponge, etc?

  9. Glaziersgirl

    I loved Make Up Forever until it became nearly impossible to walk into Sephora and get my color which was always, always sold out. I am using CG Advanced Radiance liquid which provides awesome coverage, SPF 10, and makes my skin feel great….but, it doesn’t stay on all day. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks!! Please follow my blog @


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