My Secret Single Behavior Involves Lab Series for Men Smooth Shave Oil

So, remember that episode of Sex and the City when the gals disclose their Secret Single Behavior (SSB)? Carrie likes to load up a stack of saltines with grape jelly and eat them standing up in the kitchen whilst reading VOGUE, Miranda likes to watch infomercials while wearing moisturing gloves and Charlotte does an extreme close-up of her pores for an HOUR every night.

Well, my SSB is now simply SB, because I have to confess: my favorite thing to do now that I live alone (in addition to making my mirror face) is laying out a towel in front of the TV with a huge cup of water and shaving my legs while I watch some shows. It’s an activity performed by girl campers in bunks the nation over and now that I don’t have the awkwardness of sharing my TV space with a roommate, I’ve readopted it in my lifestyle. I know it’s weird. That’s why it’s SSB, guys. Stay with me.

LAB Series Smooth Shave Oil ($18) is my shaving lubrication of choice for this kind of fakakta project. Do not be put off by the bottle’s diminutive size, its price, or the fact that it’s marketed to men. A dime-sized amount goes a long way–it’ll yield a SUPER close shave on an entire leg. I prefer to slather it on dry and simply wet my razor for best results. It also doesn’t clog the blades the way other shaving oils I’ve tried do. And it’s pretty mildly-scented–there’s no threat of being left with legs that smell like a hormonal teen boy on his way to Abercrombie.

And that’s really all I ask for in this world.

LAB Series Smooth Shave Oil is available at

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