Luxe Capacitor: Lippmann Collection’s Did I Shave My Legs for This?

The price of Lippmann Collection Did I Shave My Legs For This? ($24) makes this a more indulgent purchase than say, your everyday, serviceable shave gel. But aren’t there times when you just want something a little more luxe? Hence Did I Shave My Legs For This’ inclusion in BBJ’s new series, Luxe Capacitor. In the series, I’ll include pricier items that really deliver. You know. Products I’m recommending for a little indulgence even In This Economy (ITE, as Carmindy says). Because, can’t we all agree that a little beauty luxury goes a long way? Luxe Capacitor, BT dubs, is obviously a shout-out to my fave movie of all time, Back to the Future‘s Flux Capacitor.

In case you’re not aware, this moisturizing shave cream is named after the eponymous Deana Carter tune. BT dubs, did you know Deborah Lippmann (founder of Lippman Collection) helmed this whole nail polish EMPIRE with the express purpose of funding her dream to be a SINGER? How’s that for a Renaissance woman? She told me, Marina and Michelle the story backstage during fashion week at the Chris Benz show. Deborah is a total doll, BTW.

Anywho, the shaving cream’s scent is my fave part. The ingredients include lavendar, lemon, mint cypress and labdanum oils. But somehow, in concert, to me they produce a cucumberesque aroma. And I’m having a mage love affair with cucumbers of late. You could say I’m devoted to the cult of cucumber. I’ve been ordering the coban salad at Ali Baba for delivery like, twice a week and am slicing cukes into my water at work. The cream contains a unique blend called Aryuvedic Complex which manages to lubricate skin for a close, moisturizing shave (yet remarkably staves off nicks). And yet, it’s remarkably good at not clogging up your razor. My legs are softly silken when I use it in conjunction with my Venus and follow up with a bit of Weleda Skin Food ($17).

Smooth City, population 1.

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  1. Jesse

    My fave shaving product is ExfoliShave, it just popped up in my local Whole Foods and you can buy it online at It is this granular looking stuff that exfoliates, then turns into a mild lather that you shave with and it’s full of flower oils that moisturize. So awesome! And I don’t have to shave everyday with it. My friend who is a stripper introduced me to it, she said all the girls use it because it keeps them super sexy smooth.


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