New From Stila: 24K Luxe Lip Glosses

Dolls, these Stila 24kt lip glosses are the most used members of my gloss menagerie of late. I’m especially lurving that deep maroon, second in from the right. The shade is called vintage merlot and in the bottle, it looked too dark for my new light blonde lifestyle. But on, it yields a softly glossed sheer berry hue that looks so fab, I rocked it to report on the red carpet.

Its nonsticky, infused-with-24kt-gold formula glides on with ease, lasts a dece amount of time, and is packed with Vitamins A and C for hydration. I also love the new Stila gloss packaging: instead of that I’m-totes-touching-up-my-lip-gloss clicking sound, you can twist the bottom silently to produce a dollup of color. And no one “gots to know about it.”

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I sat down with Lynn Tilton, new owner of Stila at The Makeup Show held in NYC. She totally impressed me: this is one savvy chick. In her short time at Stila’s helm, she’s instituted the Stila Love Rewards Program. When you spend $100 on, you receive free shipping for the remainder of the year. At $250, you receive $50 to spend on the site and at $500 spent, you receive $100 to spend on the site. Pretty phenom, n’est-ce pas?

Lynn also disclosed to us that she is considering creating a lower-end iteration of the brand called Simply Stila, which would include products at half the price point. Gene. She also mentioned she’s contemplating saving another of my fave drugstore brands, Jane. Do you know this drugstore gem? Their Hi-Fiber Mascara has been a staple in my lifestyle since I studied the principal parts of Latin verbs and drove a white Neon. Oh, memories.

Do you love Jane, too? Tell me in the comments! Go.

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  1. Caroline @ Salescoop

    Looove the glam packaging! It goes so nicely with these hot new colors. Good thing that this gloss is packed with vitamins- my lips definitely suffer a bad sunburn every once in a while during the summer. Can’t wait to try this gloss. Thanks for the review.


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