Red Carpet Ready!

I’m happily ensconced at The Standard hotel. The service is fast (I ordered a latte to my room and it came in about ten minutes), the people are nice and the hotel room decor is 70s elementary school chic (in a good way!), while the lobby’s famous for its nautical quirky mermaid (gl)ambiance. I’m into it. I feel as if I’m very… part of that world! One of my frequent “beauty themes” I channel (when I’m not doing retro Hollywood, which is the ush) is Sassy Water Nymph. Thus, I feel very at home here. I managed to see the live mermaid in the tank last night when I came back from shopping with Sydne Summer, who’s a DOLL. M ore on that shopping trip later. Here’s a teaser: she took me to a sale of Sharon Osbourne’s designer stuff from her “England house,” and I bought a SICK pair of ruffly black patent Marc Jacobs heels for $80. Sharon must have worn them twice at the most. They’re AMAZE. I’m so glad Sharon Osbourne and I rock the same SIZE.

Speaking of mermaids and their lack of legs, Don’t forget to check in with me on Twitter today to read my thoughts on some gals who most certainly DON’T lack legs. Check my live-from-the-red-carpet special “legs” edition tweets sponsored by Gillette Venus today beginning at 3pm PST (aww, I’m so California ALREADY! I’m going to make you do the math for EST). Also, be sure to become a Gillette Venus fan on the brand’s Facebook page.

I’ll gammunicate with you then!

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