Degree’s New Fine Fragrance Collection

Degree commissioned world-renowned fragrance expert Ann Gottlieb–“the nose” behind many of the most gorge fragrances–produced each scent as a perfume with top notes, middle notes, and base notes. That’s some serious stuff for a simple deo, right? Degree has certainly outdone themselves this time. The brand has paired each deodorant with a matching body mist for the ultimate in fine fragrance on the go. Perf for toting to the gym, no? Each smells fabulous and Degree’s quality and wetness protection remains top-notch, in spite of the fragrance upgrade. The new scents are

Delicious Bliss (my fave of the trio!
  • A light and energetic fragrance with a hint of fruitiness
  • Top and middle notes include floral and juicy notes such as magnolia, jasmine, hyacinth, muguet, apple, peach and raspberry
  • A hint of musk rounds out the base notes
Sexy Intrigue
  • A warm and seductive fragrance that is sure to stimulate the senses
  • Top and middle notes include fruits and florals such as jasmine, rose, blackberry, strawberry and pink grapefruit
  • Vanilla makes up middle and base notes

Classic Romance

  • A sophisticated and classic fragrance with floral notes
  • Top notes include floral and citrus scents including peony, muguet, bergamot and orange
  • Middle notes also include muguet, peony and rose

The price for both the body mists and the deodorants is a wallet-friendly $4. But, you can get a $1 off coupon here. Enjoy!

Earlier this week, I was delighted to have the opportunity to chat with one Ms. Lindsay Price at an event Degree threw to celebrate the launch of three of the brand’s new fragrances. We discussed her fave beauty products which I’ll share in another post. Stay tuned!

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