Instant Volume: The Mini Part

The Glamour beauty blog’s Beth Shapouri recently pointed out something I’ve been meaning to discuss with you, dolls. The mini part. She brings the diagonal mini part to our collective attention (a twist on the mini-part I’ve never tried, but you and I both know I’m GOING to now).

Let’s discuss the intense importance of a short part, shall we? They’re VITAL. My hair knows no other kind. I know this is kind of weird, but long parts? Gross me out. I know. It’s bizarre. I just don’t like to see a lot of SCALP, you know? When someone has a part that practically bisects her head, I just get nervous. Think Marcia Brady.

The mini part showcases a minimal amount of scalp AND adds so much volume. Why would you not want that? Exactly. See Ugly Betty‘s Becki Newton rocking a short part in the photo above? Gorge. Becki is no stranger to a mini part. She nearly always rocks one.

To get those smooth, undulating waves, I recommend using T3‘s new curling iron iteration, the PRO EverTwirl. The 1 1/4 sized-version is a reasonable (by T3 standards) $89. I love its springy usability. This fast-heating tool has an advanced heat retention system to maintain consistent and even temperatures during styling. Its temperature is adjustable (up to 410°F) and easily visible on a digital dial. The tourmaline-, ceramic-, and silver-infused barrel is designed for maximum heat conduction. I love the EverTwirl’s ten-foot cord for watching some shows whilst twirling away. The T3 PRO EverTwirl is available on and

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