Fashion Week: BBJ Backstage at Thuy

Romero Jennings for MAC created a looked based on “optimism and the future” using clean lines and an organic black and white motif. He incorporated both shine and matte textures when employing his arsenal of products.

MAC Fluidline gel liner was used in addition to MAC Lipstick in Fleshpot. The shade Chelsea was used for darker-skinned gals. My favorite aspect of this look was the geometric, squared-off, futuristic cat eye. Romero mixed white and gold shimmer shadow which he swept onto lids.

Anthony Barrow for Avon created the hair concept for Thuy. “Controlled chaos” was the inspiration. “It’s a bit rockerish,” Anthony said.

This airy, dry texture was created with the help of Avon Advance Techniques Volumizing Mousse and Hairspray. Anthony separated a section in the front from the ears up and backcombed it.

Then, he twisted the back into a sort of asymmetrical French twist, brought the front side over and left the ends out for “grittiness.” “It’s not too girly but edgy,” Anthony said. “Raw, but clean.”

Definitely one of the more creative updos I’ve seen this week!

Image credit: Beauty Blogging Junkie


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