Sublimage for the Non-Sahara Skinned

A lighter version of the original CHANEL Sublimage Essential Regeneraging Cream (now called Texture Supreme Essential Regenerating Cream) has debuted! Sublimage Texture Universelle Essential Regenerating Cream has a silky texture and lightweight formula that is a nice balance to the richer, creamier Texture Supreme.

I’ve been using it the past few weeks and am loving how it sinks into my skin immediately and doesn’t feel too overpowering. And the smoothness that ensues is unparalleled. Seriously. Both iterations of Sublimage are at the TOP of my skin care faves list. I’ve been using the original for super-dry/cold days and the Texture Universelle for days when I feel I need a tad less hydration. The original formula is fantastic, but a bit heavy for my occasionally acne-prone skin. I’d been using it in tiny amounts, emulsified first between my palms, but this new formula eliminates the need for all that as it’s lighter to begin with. It’ll be ab fab for summer, n’est-ce pas? Yes, it costs the earth ($375). Yes, I realize it’s kind of cra for me to recommend it in This Financial Climate. But I love it, and that’s all there is to it.

CHANEL Sublimage Texture Universelle Essential Regenerating Cream is available at department and specialty stores and online at

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