Olivia Palermo Hair: Get The Look

Okay, that’s it. I have an insane girl crush on Olivia Palermo. Insane. I think her personality sucks, mind you. And can someone puh-lease explain why she drones on and on about how “uptown” she is and how horrified she is by Whitney’s “downtown” ways when she herself lives in… TriBeCa? It doesn’t really GET more downtown than that. Latitudinally speaking, girlfriend is parallel with all the hipsters in all their skinny jeans, thirft shop Ts and “complicated” hair glory.

That said, I ADORE The City. I’m cheering for Whit in her all too real Welcome to the World of New York Men initiation which is horrendous for a young gal who doesn’t know better. She’s learning pretty quickly though, is she not? Unfortch, that Jay is probably the douchiest dude in all the land. I think Amy Odell said it best on New York mag’s The Cut blog:

Jay wears those opaque neon-orange sunglasses that one really must call “shades.” He tells Shirtless [his friend he’s playing basketball with] he wants to see other people and Whitney. Well, obviously. That’s how The City works.

That’s what you call hitting the nail on the head.

Anywho, I’ve spent every day of ’09 thus far “Olivifying” my ‘do. I cannot stop myself from rocking the small side twists, dolls. It’s so… fun. I’ve been applying a thickening agent while my hair is wet and then twisting middle-parted one-inch sections and securing them with a Goody blonde bobby pin (pack of two for $5!) or one of Goody’s Mini Claw Clips (pictured, left $2.49).

I also am rocking (today, as I live and type) Whitney Port‘s single side-part twist. It keeps my growing-out bangs out of my lifestyle and looks cute in a Karen Arnold from The Wonder Years sort of way.

I have to say, I am on Team The City/The Hills Hair even more than I am on Team Gossip Girl Hair (which natch involves headbands as opposed to twists.)

And now for the vital question: Which team are YOU on?

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  1. Beauty and All That

    I am also a huge fan of the City! But I do wish that Olivia was sporting another hair-do b/c it seemed the hair twist got popular when LC was wearing in in the Hills.. I can’t wait to watch more eps this season.


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