Tangerine, Tangerine: Eight Body Moisture Tangerine Hand Cream

In my unhumble O, to strike the right balance with citrus is rarer than spotting a size 7 black boot at a sample sale in a sea of 5s and 9s.

All I can tell you is that a scent can skew more eau de Airborne than eau de ambrosial. But Eight Body Moisture‘s latest treasure, Tangerine Hand Creme, is helping me live reflection from a dream. A dream of softly moisturized mains imparting the most subtle soupçon of scent in a palate-cleansing tangerine. The best part is that it boasts aloe for conditioning, sea buckthorn oil to heal and plumeria acutifolia to soothe irritation. It also lasts FOREVER, so you can go a thousand years between (metaphorically, anyway) applications. Love.

Eight Body Moisture Tangerine Hand Creme retails for $18 at dermstore.com

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