Achieve a "Fresh" High Noon Glow

Fresh’s High Noon Freshface Glow ($36) is the definitive does-it-all liquid bronzer for the “fairest of them all” crowd. It provides the light coverage of a tinted moisturizer and boasts good-for-your-skin ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil, pomegranate, cucumber extracts and an Advanced Vitamin Release Complex. I love its subtle warm golden bronze color pay-off, lightweight texture and soothing cucumber scent.

But most of all? I love that every time I use this prod, I revisit that pivotal scene in Back to the Future III (my fave trilogy of all TIME) when Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen tells Marty McFly he does his “killing before breakfast” when the well-Western-versed Marty asks if they’ll have their showdown at high noon.

I love what a child of the ’80s Marty is. Who else would think it’s approp to Moonwalk in the Old West?

You’ll be enchanted by this product for sure, but do keep in mind you do need a credit card to ride this train.

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  1. katie

    You are hilarious! I must try this product, i’ve never heard of it! Do you think I can wear it though with other makeup and it’ll still show through?


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