BBJ Has a New Look!

Hey gals! I’ve redesigned BBJ a bit: now there are two sidebars, there’s no more ENORMOUS header nor tons of ads to scroll through before getting to the posts AND no more messed-up sidebar – the site looks the same in IE as it does in Firefox, FINALLY! Yay.

Tell me what you think in the comments.

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  1. Amber

    Gotcha, Anon! I appreciate your taking the time to discuss! I’ve changed the sidebars to white. I tried a diff color combo, and you’re right. It wasn’t working! The font was annoying me, too. Working on the blockiness. Thank you for your feedback and your kind words about my blog!

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry I was a little vague…I was v. short on time. The font was too bulky and I like it better at the moment. But the red on flourescent purple is a little garish. It seems like there is too much going on and that makes it difficult to read. I like that your posts take the center stage as opposed to the ads but it feels super block-y…

    I still LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and will read it no matter what it looks like though…

  3. Amber

    Anon, can you elaborate on how exactly it’s hard to read – font, layout, etc.? You really preferred it the other way? Let me know. Thanks for your feedback!

  4. Decorative Diva

    As I am a Firefox fanatic, I love it 🙂

    I still love your trademark shiny pvc red lips!

    Pretty color scheme.

    The only suggestion I might have would be changing your font, as it seems a bit strange to me. Not bad, or anything, but a bit strange.


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