Recessionista’s Choice: Anastasia Eye Lights Matte in Camille

At $21 a pencil, I realize it’s not quite a bargain, but the fact that Anastasia’s Eye Lights Matte Pencil in Camille will extend your time between threading/waxing/plucking by WEEKS makes it a fantastic find for a recessionista.

It does double beauty duty also by aiding gals in that terrible “growing out your brows” stage. Much like its bangs counterpart, the period of not tending to your brows in order to undo browrexia-style plucking or simply trying to coax your brows into Brooke Shields submission can be heinous. To deal with the wasteland of teeny tiny dark “eyebrow buds,” simply run the flesh-toned, cream-to-powder pencil underneath your arches blending slightly with a fingertip and voila! Tiny hairs are utterly camouflaged. Genius, Anastasia.

Click here to read all about when I met with Anastasia at her Beverly Hills Salon.

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