Weekly Phenom List: When you Just Feel ANCIENT.

Gals, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m now 28, the unofficial age when you have to utterly consume yourself with maintaining your spry, youthful appearance or the fact that I now blog until the ripe hour of 1am (I can no longer blog during my lunch hour at work), or that I lost FAR too much beauty sleep trying to correct the photobucket “bandwidth exceeded” mishap my blogger template suddenly decided to throw my way circa midnight last night (thanks to Carla for helping me fix it!) … but I woke up this morning and just felt that I looked ANCIENT. Like a RELIC. For the record, I was also invited to my ten-year high school reune (to which, I secretly hope all the suburban attendees are rocking Planet Hollywood Ts, supermarket makeup and five-seasons-ago Coach bags – is that wrong?), which did not ameliorate the situation. After this week of too little sleep and far too much caffeine, I’ve compiled a list of my new fave look-younger-than-an-Olsen-twin quick remedies. Check it:

Sephora Brand “Tricks of the Trade” Immediate Wrinkle Filler ($20): It was news even to me that the Sephora brand can master SKINCARE. They certainly are the jack-of-all-trades, n’est-ce pas? I tried this little gem out in-store the other day and fell promptly and deeply in love. It’s got the same “dry” texture of SKYN Iceland’s Icelandic Relief Eye Cream, but is specifically designed to fill in lines with its silicone cocktail of perfection IMMED. Concealer positively glides right on post-application erasing all traces of late night indulgence.

When I want to break out the big guns, I also smooth on a touch of Prescriptives Line Preventor Xtreme Lifting Concentrate ($38). I dab that shiz all over my mug and rest easy knowing my skin’s working overtime to produce collagen, which will, tragically, soon be in shorter supply than single dudes in Manhattan with hair. I especially lurve to use it on my forehead, where the faintest of lines have started to emerge. This keeps them on the DL. Where I need them to STAY.

Benefit “That Gal” Brightening Face Primer ($28) is more valuable than gold on those mornings you (and by you, I mean ME) are so hungover, you can barely achieve a goal as far-reaching as putting on PANTS. This silky pink primer doesn’t clog my pores and creates an instantly brighter, youth-exuding canvas for makeup without that cakey effect. Contains raspberry and chamomile, combined with sweet almond and algae extracts to help skin retain its natural moisture, for a smooth operator finish.

Image credits: sephora.com, prescriptives.com, benefitcosmetics.com

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