Three Custom Color Wallflower Winners Announced

Here is the list of winners we have thus far for the Three Custom Color Watercolours in Wallflower Contest. But, we’re still waiting to hear back from an additional nine folks. To all who entered, please check your emails/ junk folders to see if you’ve received an email from Three Custom Color Specialists? If so, please respond to it with your full name and mailing address ASAP, so that Three Custom Color can send you your Wallflower Watercolours for Cheeks.

Congrats to those who have responded (names listed below)!

1. Airody Vidhya Bhat
2. Kara Gillen
3. Kim Rankin Moelk
4. Bridget Hudzik
5. Sydni Abrahamsen
6. Laura Reyes
7. Phyllis J Alexander
8. Susan Mullen
9. Heather Freiman
10. Kelly Lee Hensley
11. Lisa Bozzuto
12. Jaylyn Jones
13. Diana Geyer
14. Susan Gustafson
15. Nanette Alinea
16. Melody A. Schotte

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