Southern Belle Appeal and Angelina Jolie’s Shadow

Hey girls!

How was your Labe Day weekend? Mine was GREAT, thanks for asking. I spent Saturday and Sunday in Fire Island and came back to NYC to do some “fall cleaning” and relaxing before heading back to work today. Whilst out and about on Satuday night and enjoying a rocket fuel (or three), I noticed that I had once again inexplicably attracted an admirer (with whom I, unfortunately, was unimpressed) who haled from Long Island (of course) with my “southern” charm. I use the term “southern” in quotes because I, as long-time readers know, am from Philadelphia, which is, as EVERYONE knows, north of the Mason-Dixon line. Weird, n’est-ce pas? This is like, the fifth time a Long-Island bred dude has commented that I seem southern. No one from any other area has ever said this about me. I guess my non-Yankee “drawl” and blondeness make me “exotic” in those parts. And it can be argued that I’m positively Texan-vain about my hair. Have you noticed there is a smaller number of blondes (comparatively) in the Long Island area? And of those blondes, few of them have curly/wavy hair. It’s funny, because I’ve lived my whole life wishing that I could be called “exotic” (I am many things, but exotic is not one of them), when all I had to do was travel east a bit and suddenly, I’m more exotic than a rare bird. Fellow Philadelphians, have you ever been mis-accent diagnosed as southern? I’d be interested to know.

Anywho, in addition to my regional dialect/haircolor, I’m pretty sure it was the eye shadow I was wearing that drew this particular character in. What was it? A special color created for Angelina Jolie when her favorite Guerlain eye shadow was discontinued. Chad of Three Custom Color replicated the sheer white color with a custom shadow called Snow ($19.50). It yields an ethereal sirenish quality that instantly brightens the eye area exactly a la Angelina and is quite chic with a swipe of black liquid liner and an editorial lip.

P.S. This Long Island (mentioned above) guy is a friend of a friend of my pal Lauren. After I’d deigned to give him my number (which I wound up having to tell him not to bother to use), I found out he is out on BAIL. Can you even? Lauren captured this photo of my reaction after finding out the guy whom I’d reluctantly given my digits is a CRIMINAL for your entertainment. Gum courtesy of Orbit Peppermint. In other news, I’m craving micro-braids like WHOA after seeing The Hills last night. Just saying.

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