Glow-y Days Week: For Bronzed Legs Ready to Rock a Short Power Suit at D&D Advertising

SkinCeuticals Sans Soleil ($28): In the summer I love to rock skirts shorter than those Amanda Woodward wore on Melrose Place. But I won’t dare slip into a short skirt with pasty-white gams. No, no, friends. It’s simply not that kind of party.

I’m self-tanning them up to the max first, and one of my fave options these days is SkinCeuticals Sans Soleil. This is for all you gals who a tan, but hate everything else about self-tanners – the residue, the SMELL, the thirsty-dry skin. This one applies without leaving a film, smells tolerable, and moisturizes. I adore its texture – it absolutely melts into skin. And, it’s substantial (thick) enough to spread easily without worrying about it running. It boasts a pleasant beachy scent. The only thing I don’t love the somewhat hefty price tag (I go through self-tanner like WATER June through September), but the stuff does work.

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