Giveaway: P&G Beauty & Grooming Deep Moisture Gift Set

Friends, this week I’ve teamed up with P&G to offer you guys the chance to win one of five holiday kits. Banish the winter skin and hair blues like Romeo to Mantua with the Deep Moisture Collection from P&G Beauty and Grooming. Olay Body Wash and In-Shower Body Lotion hydrates and softens, while a Venus Embrace Razor keeps it smooth and hair-free. Pantene 2-in-1 Classic Clean works double-time for soft and moisturized hair.

You can enter by leaving a comment about your most annoying winter skin woe… i.e., dry, flaky skin, staticky hair, etc. I’ll choose a winner tomorrow at 5pm ET.

Best of luck! 

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28 Comments Giveaway: P&G Beauty & Grooming Deep Moisture Gift Set

  1. Kiri Anne

    I live in a VERY rainy climate and during the winter/rain season I get a HUGE white-girl-fro at all times. I’ve had friends say the didn’t know I ever wore my hair not in a low pony becasue that’s all they ever see. Somehow the hair manages to be dry/frizzy and huge all at the same time. Bleh!

  2. Anonymous

    Crystal S.

    crittlebeans at hotmail dot com

    I always have to deal with static in my hair during the winter as well as dry hands.

  3. V. Blink

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  4. Spider Girl (Ana M.)

    I hate that dry skin on my hands! It feels quite wrinkled and dark if I’m not slathering on a rich hand cream or moisturizer, I really feel so bad about it…

    Ana M.
    techiespidergurl (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. girlwithpaper

    I have really really long hair and I hate how in the winter when I wear sweaters or wear wool coats my hair literally stands straight. It’s annoying and I consistently get shocked. 🙁

  6. Anonymous

    I hate helmet hair when I wear winter hats. I also hate the static when I take off the hats when indoor.

  7. Dyan

    My hair is so dull and brittle in the winter, I could cry. I miss that really brief window between summer and winter where I actually had shiny, unfrizzy hair.

  8. chrissiemz

    My worst skin problem in the winter is I have the dryest skin and so itchy. My hands are so dry they crack I put lotion on all day. If I dont I could have cuts on hands just from bumping into something. I hate it too.
    chrissiemz (aT) YaHOO DOt COM

  9. Jules

    My winter skin woe is that my skin gets super dry. My hands get red and cracked, my face gets chapped, and the rest of my skin is just as bad! I could really use this prize!

  10. Mary Elizabeth

    My hands are so dry! I have to wash them so much during the day, it’s driving me crazy. I have 8 Hour Cream between my fingers and on my knuckles right now…hopefully that will help. Thanks!

  11. Diane

    I hate the way the cold weather makes my skin “white” dry …just no matter what I doesn’t work..(maybe a temporary best)


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