80s Ladies Week: Greener than Shady Pines: Soap & Glory Feet Dreams

Here it is, gals. The first item of 80s ladies week: Soap & Glory Feet Dreams ($10).

The inspiration: The Golden GirlsBlanche Devereaux’s vegetation-themed boudoir (pictured above.)

The genius copywriters employed by beauty maven Marcia Kilgore (the brills mind behind Bliss products) hail Feet Dreams as “a greener alternative to air-conditioning.” That it is, girls. I like to rub this verdant crisp gel all over my legs and feet, dab a bit on the inside of my elbows and wrists and chill in front of a fan. The mentholation-ness kicks in within seconds to cool you down utterly. No A/C necessary. Though its formula is a gel, it manages to moisturize and impart a fresh green scent.

Available at Target and at target.com.

Perfect for hot climes in the summer… like, Miami. Sing it with me, Miami is nice, so I’ll say it twice… Miami is nice, Miami is nice!

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3 Comments 80s Ladies Week: Greener than Shady Pines: Soap & Glory Feet Dreams

  1. kara *www.prettykittythe.blogspot.com*

    hi Fab! i am in LOOOOVE with Soap and Glory’s Clean on Me Shower Gel (although it’s more of a shower cream), and actually just did a post about it a couple of days ago. it’s cheap, moisturizes well and lathers up like crazy, it’s a new obsession! you should def try it out, you can even grab a travel-sized bottle for under $4!

  2. Jennifer

    Okay…I seriously love the Golden Girls because Sophia is just like every Italian aunt I have in my family.
    I’ve been meaning to try the line from Kilgore, so now I’ll have to head out to Target soon.
    BTW…love this theme week you and Daneen are doing! : D


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