80s Ladies Week: NARS Nail Polish in Arabesque is Truly Outrageous

The inspiration for today’s post? 80s cartoon-inspired doll Jem. Jem rocked sparkly pink like no other. That’s why she came to mind INSTANTLY when I first received my bottle of NARS nail polish in Arabesque.

NARS Nail Polish in Arabesque ($16) is gorge, flirty pink fun. It’s a sheer pink base with rounded, ruffle-cut pink glitter floating in it. It’s a bit too sheer for me to wear by itself, so I pair it with a more opaque pink, like Essie Mademoiselle.

Wouldn’t Jerrica wear this on a date with Rio (yes, you remember correctly. He did have purple hair.)?

What tubular 80s-inspired beauty item is Daneen loving today? Go to Spoiled Pretty and find out.

3 Comments 80s Ladies Week: NARS Nail Polish in Arabesque is Truly Outrageous

  1. Daneen :)

    I love Jem and the Misfits. Every week, my mom would take me to Errols Video and let me rent Jem VHS tapes that I would watch over and over. And I used to listen to the casette tapes (the ones that came w/ the dolls) like they were real music. “Universal Appeal” and “Who Is He Kissing?” were my faves. But even as a kid, I thought it was pretty f’ed up that Rio was such a playa. That scoundrel was two-timing with the same woman. Jerrica shoulda called him on his BS.

  2. Amber

    Welcome, Alice! OF COURSE you have to comment about Jem. There is so much to say about her. I love the fuchsia nail polish story. In fact, I’m wearing fuchsia nail polish right NOW – Essie Bermuda Shorts, look into it 🙂 Viva Italia!


  3. Alice

    I can’t resist, i must comment this post. I was 5 when i saw Jem on tv (1985 circa), was love at first sigh!
    So bold pink hairs of Jem were my secret dream, i persuaded my aunt to buy me some fuchsia nail color from rimmel, i would have been as her…shame on me.


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