Totally Bitchin’: July 7-11 is 80s Ladies Week

Girls, do I have a treat for you (if you like the 80s that is… and if you don’t, you probably aren’t a frequent visitor here, anyway.) I’ve had five 80s themed product-specific weeks here at BBJ:
Pour Some Sugar on Me Week: Body Scrubs
Smooth Operator Week: Shaving Paraphernalia
Wash me Amadeus Week: Face Washes
Hairadise Week: Hair Products
Glow-y Days Week (upcoming): Self-Tanners

My friend Daneen recently approached me with a fab idea (that occurred to her after a few cocktails – ha!) for an 80s week with a twist: what if we BOTH chose an 80s TV show, movie, song, clothing trend, and toy and wrote about a corresponding product inspired by each one of those categories? I was, naturally, right on top of that, Rose (that movie’s from ’91, unfortch.) Get excited for a totally tubular week of 80s nostalgia – as it relates to beauty, of course. Because I “just can’t get enough.” In the meantime, tell me your favorite 80s TV show, movie, song, clothing trend and toy in the comments.

It’s going to be rad.

Happy 4th, dolls!

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2 Comments Totally Bitchin’: July 7-11 is 80s Ladies Week

  1. Kandice

    I’m all about the 80’s, girl! My friends always joke with me about my love for 80’s music and movies! My favorite bands are STILL Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and The Cure!! My favorite movies are Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for 80’s Ladies Week!!

  2. angie

    Wearing sweatpants with the ankle part pulled up to the knees – quite the look.

    The Wonder Years was in the 80s, right? Such a good show.

    All 80s music is like totally awesome. ‘Come on Eileen’ oozes 80s for me.


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