LOST Analysis: Take Me Down to Sci-Fi City (Where the Grass is Green and the Girls are Pretty)

I loved this ep, even though I thought it lacked the magic of last year’s finale. Welcome to Sci-Fi City on LOST, friends. The writers have flirted with it, and now they’re in a long-term serious RELASH with it: the Casimir effect, space and time… it’s on. This sci-fi gal couldn’t be more into it if she TRIED.

Welcome back, Walt! Oddly, he shows up looking like his own FATHER. He’s a MAN. Weird.

The Title
“There’s No Place Like Home” is obv, a reference to The Wizard of Oz. But also, I think it’s subtly referring to the fact that the home to which the Oceanic Six are returning is not really what it’s supposed to be. Are you catching what I’m drifting? Once again, I’m talking about my Personal Hell/Back to the Future 2 Alternate 1985 Theory.

Jeremy Bentham
This one threw me. When Jeff Jensen’s article came out discussing the coffin inhabitant possibilities, I couldn’t cosign any of them. I swore it was either someone we totally didn’t know, or Locke (because of the J we saw in the piece of the obituary Jack holds). We learn in this ep that the deceased is Jeremy Bentham. The real Jeremy Bentham is a 19th century philosopher associated with utilitarianism and liberalism. I’m looking into the parallels, don’t worry. Both with John Locke on LOST, and with John Locke the philosopher. And Locke killed himself? WTF?

“Yes, what DO I mean?” Best line ev.

Mr. Eko
Is playing chess with Hurley?! WTF.

RIP Jin!
I cried extensively and audibly, I’m not going to lie. I predicted it, but it still shook me. I love that Jin and his two “walking cheekbones.” Presumably, Michael also died, hence C Shephard showing up and saying he could “go now.” I suppose there’s a chance that Jin (and potentially Michael) survived… but in Jin’s case, I believe it’s not likely. Mainly due to Daniel Dae Kim’s (the actor who plays Jin) recent DUI. That seems to be the “kiss of death” for LOST actors – exhibits A through C: Ana Lucia, Libby, and Eko. In that order.

Confirmation that Ben indeed “made [Locke’s] life so miserable”

Given that loaded statement and Eyeliner Richard’s creepy on-scene arrival at the time of Locke’s birth, I think it’s pretty clear that Ben et al have been in control of Locke’s horrific life events. Check out the 2 alternate endings (courtesy of Pink is the New Blog.)

Sawyer the Hero
While I hate that he jumped out of the chopper, I love that he returned to the island sans shirt. Thank you, LOST writers/directors, for small pleasures. Guys who watched this scene must have appreciated the gratuitous Kate cleave scenes as well. I’ve been waiting for Sawyer to notice that Lapidus looks just like Kenny Rogers! Well played.

The Penelope/Desmond Relash: Reunited and It Feels So Good

I always love the Penny/Desmond relash. I’m happy they’re back together. But since the actress who plays Penny’s character is naked in 90% of her scenes on Tell Me You Love Me, I can’t look at her without feeling embarrassed anymore. Anyone else feel like that?

Didn’t play as large a part in this ep as I’d like, but I found it interesting that the impetus to lie came from Locke. For the first time, the Man of Science followed the Man of Faith’s protocol.

Octagon Global Recruiting
Did you see this fake commercial during the show? CRA! Their recruitment drive begins in San Diego on July 24th – 27th, 2008. This is the same date as ComicCon ’08. Thanks to Ethan, my brother, for pointing that one out. Damn DVR. Such a blessing and a curse at the same time.

And now we all have to wait five years or whatever for the premiere. If you only join me at BBJ for LOST posts, I’ll miss you! See you in 2009. Until then, if you decide you need a beauty fix (or product recommendations for the woman in your life, as a former poll indicated that several guys read this blog for the LOST posts), there’ll be plenty of that to tide you over.

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  1. Carla

    I LOVE your Lost coverage. I really thought Sawyer may have been in there so those alternate endings were cool to see. I really want to know what he whispered to Kate. I think I have to listen to the podcasts now, they’ll talk about it sooner or later. 🙂


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