Pour Some Salt on Me.

I have a mild-to-medium case of spring fever that I’m pretty sure was induced by my purchasing a strange amount of the Jovovich-Hawk collection at Target a couple weeks ago. There are two spring dresses in my closet that are just DYING to make their debut into the world. Unfortch, it’s still too chilly for spring clothes in NYC, but I have started my spring bod prep and that includes at least bi-weekly self-tanning with some in between maintenance with my new gradual tanning lotion of choice, Aveeno Continuous Radiance Moisturizing Lotion($13). This stuff tans you like a DREAM, just be careful when you apply so as to minimize streaking. Also, if you’re the fairest of them all (as I am) I would “dial your tan” somewhere in the medium range in order to keep it real. Know what I’m saying?

As for pre-tanning prep, I’m into Borghese Sali Esfoliante Salt Scrub ($37.50) in a serious way. I love this fine-textured freshly-scented exfoliator that gets down to business in a gentle way. I feel very Under the Tuscan Sun when I use it – you know, minus the annoying divorce subplot. My skin is brighter and lightly moisturized thanks to the scrub’s conditioning olive and grape seed oils. For a fantastic step-by-step self-tan prep guide, check out the Beauty Addict’s Art of the Tan: Prep post. Use the salt scrub, tan, and then sip limoncello on a terrace. Instant spring.

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Photo credit: drugstore.com, borghese.com

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