At the Mercy of Mercier

I’ll just say it. I’ve been totally enamored of every. single. Laura Mercier product I’ve ever sampled. Her Metallic Creme Eye Colour ($22) is no exception. I’m always game to switch from a powder to a creme in any cosmetic capacity in the name of maintaining a youthful appearance so I shrieked with glee when the the LM magical metallic creme in gold made its way to my door. It’s not too thin/runny, and yet, it’s delightfully blendable. The gold is sort of a taupey Veuve Clicquot shimmer. It’s more pigmented than I’d anticipated, but natural enough for the office. It’s also waterproof so it lasts FOREVER. I rocked mine on Saturday to my friend Stephanie’s bowling party at Port Authority bowling alley (surprisingly non-ghetto and fun!) and had a splendid time. I’ll be applying some this weekend no doubt with the same zeal with which Neil Kellerman wants to mambo in Dirty Dancing.

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  1. Fabulista

    Hi Kara! I’m not a HUGE mac fan, although occasionally, I’ll like some of their products (like fluidline gel eye liner). Are their paint pots creme eye shadow? I also used to LOVE MAC’s colors which are bright and plentiful (that’s why they’re favored by drag queens the world over) but I’ve started liking NARS colors/consistency more. Have you tried Nars? I’ll def give their paint pots a try, though. Thanks!

  2. kara

    have you tried MAC’s Paint Pots yet? are you a fan of MAC? lately it’s all i seem to be interested in, not sure why, but i was wanting one forEVER and finally got one (in Bare Study) and for some reason i’m less than thrilled with the color but more than thrilled with the texture and it’s ability to be a perfect e/s base.

  3. Fabulista

    Hi Marsymay!

    Thanks for your sweet comment! The pink gold version looks fantastic, I’m itching to try it out!

    The good news is that LM Metallic Eye Colour lends itself well to poor college students because a little of it really does go a long way!

    Glad you like the blog!

  4. marsymay

    Hi! I’ve been reading a while but never comment. I have this in Pink Gold and I LOVE it. I’m trying to use a little at a time since I’m a poor college student but it’s just so difficult! Thanks for all your hard work with the blog… It is one of my favorite procrastination tools 🙂


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