BREAKING NEWS: I just learned of these a second ago. What a phenom idea! They eliminate all contact with sales people so customers are no longer prey to product pusher persuasion. And by customers, I mean me. Anyone have any info? Are they only in malls? I’d WAY rather purchase some gorgeous gloss rather than a bag of M&Ms from a vending machine. Genius, genius, genius.

5 Comments Beauty VENDING MACHINES?

  1. kara

    they now have something in this same vein at my nordstrom’s (or was it macy’s?) here in Portland, except instead of beauty products it has stuff like ipods in it. weird huh? sometimes i feel like i’m walking around on the set of Total Recall! and i’m not even old! 😛

  2. Fabulista

    NON CREASED BILLS! I plum have no idea! These fascinate the heck out of me! I have so much to LEARN about them. I only wish they were on the corners of NYC. That would truly be the 8th wonder of the WORLD.


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