Five Rules For Life: Eileen Dautruche Of Miss Whoever You Are

Today’s installment of Five Rules comes courtesy of the fabulous Eileen Dautruche, who writes She’s sassy, she’s fun, she can wear every color of the rainbow with absolute aplomb, she’s a social media maven and she coined the phrase “telling you about yourself.” Learn it, live it. Here are Eileen’s Five Rules For Life, in her words.

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1. Don’t be afraid to tell people about themselves.
Contrary to popular belief, telling someone about themselves doesn’t only mean cursing them out. No. It simply means you are letting them know that you don’t tolerate bullshit, and that the bullshit they’re trying to run on you will not fly. The cab driver tried getting loud with you? Tell ’em. Was someone rude for no absolute reason? Tell ’em. I love telling people about themselves and putting them in their place (I think it has to do with my internal anger issues). THAT SAID, know when you are wrong and accept it. Nothing is worse than being told after trying to tell. Makes sense?

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2. Wear perfume. 
I’m convinced a solid fragrance will work wonders for your mood. I once fell in love with a guy simply because of his cologne (Dolce & Gabbana 6 L’amoureux, in case you’re curious). Okay it wasn’t love but I couldn’t get him out of my mind and I wanted to mount him every time he came near me. A great perfume can change your attitude, bolster confidence, reclaim your innocence and so much more. Test out several until you find one that you absolutely can’t live without. I don’t care if it’s Hilary Duff’s With Love or Robert Piguet’s Fracas – find it and own it. Lancôme’s Tresor will always remind me of my mother.

3. Fake it ’till you make it. 
Fun fact: I’m INSANELY shy; like, unbearably introverted. The thought of speaking to people freaks me out and often, I just want to be left alone. Unfortunately, I can’t go through life hiding from mankind, so I’ve learned to fake being an extrovert. I smile, try to work the room, rely on self-deprecating humor all in an attempt to get out there. And you know what? I start believing that I’m this funny, sexy, witty, confident human being and my body language changes a bit. Before you know it, that awkward feeling goes into hiding and I’m actually having fun. Just don’t buy fake designer goods.

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4. Read.
Pick up a newspaper and buy a few books (cookbooks, self help books, romance novels, thrillers, whatever!). Nothing is better than getting lost in a good book and/or learning more about the world around you. Plus it gives you something to talk about when stuck next to someone you don’t know.

5. Worry about yours and I’ll worry about mine. 
I despise nosey people. Mind your own business. Like Lil’ Kim so sagely said back in ’97 “Get your own shit, why you riding mine?” Worry about your own issues, and I’ll handle my business. Don’t poke and prod for information (clearly if I didn’t share that means I don’t want you knowing). This also goes for my shopping habit, what I eat, who I date, what I wear, what train I take, and how I style my hair. When you’re wanted, you will know.

One more because I’m incapable of being held within confines: Don’t tell people they look tired. It’s rude.

Thanks, Eileen!

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