Workweek Lips Get a Surge of Color

So more to recommend from the Nicola bag of delight: Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss – True Color in Surge. This warm cinnamony-nude color is rich in pigment and delivers an almost plasticy (in a good way) shine. Includes Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil to nourish. My lips feel moisturized (a welcome change taking into account the hellacious weather we’ve had of late) and are treading the line between sexy and profesh. I love to tread that line.

Can I just say that I’m SO glad Chris March is back though he was “auf’d” on Project Runway? I mean, I don’t even enjoy most of
his fashions, but you better believe I clapped when Tim Gunn told him to come on out! Oh and Christian kills me with his “The judges may die over it. Or, they may die BECAUSE of it.” spiel he does every single time. But congrats to him on winning a very difficult but GENIUS challenge. The mission was to design a new outfit from a woman’s former “fat” clothes since losing a significant amount of weight.

Have a fab weekend!

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3 Comments Workweek Lips Get a Surge of Color

  1. Kara

    totally know you mean by Joey Faketone!!! the only straight guy on the show with the attack of the abnormally dark and thick facial hair!

  2. fabulista1

    Hi Kara,

    Love Rami! He’s so very talented, I adored the first gray dress. I’m pretty sure they’re all gay on that show, however, with the exception of Joey Faketone (you know who I mean?). Heidi needs to find some better duds to wear, it’s true. Her hair doesn’t bother me though. Thanks for commenting, doll! Hope you’re having a great weekend.

  3. Kara/Tramrak

    omg i am so obsessed with Project Runway too (not suprising since you and i are television siamese twins!), how much do you love Rami?! i LOOOVE him! i think he is so hot, i love the way he talks, i love the clothes he makes (especially that GORGEOUS gray dress he made for the 1st challenge), and if he’s not gay (which i’m sure he is) i would love to make him my hot husband who would love nothing more than to make me tons and tons of beautiful clothes! i was so sad to see Jack leave, i really think he was one of the top talents there, but didn’t he look scary when his lip swelled up? yikes! and by the way, why is Heidi Klum so incredibly tacky??? if i had her body and her money and her close friendships with many fashion designers, i definitely would NOT be wearing the outfits she wears and doing my hair in such a tacky, tacky, tacky way. just my bitchy 2 cents! 😀


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