4 Random Weird Things

1. I’m obsessed with knowing what the back of my hair looks like. OBSESSED. My parents have this wetbar in their house and it has a three way mirror in it (the house was built in the 80s) and without fail, within an hour of my being home, I’m IN that wetbar, looking at the back of my hair from all angles. I even turn on the spot lighting above so that I can see better. They totally know I do it every time because I leave the light on and NO ONE is using the light for that wet bar unless I’m there, checking MYSELF out.

2. I just realized that I’ve been confusing SWV’s “Right Here” with “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson for, I don’t know, 15 years or so. There IS a remix involving both songs, isn’t there?

3. Am I the only grown-ass woman who cannot WAIT for the next season of The Hills to start? And am I really supposed to live without a new season of Laguna this summer? I can’t LIVE like that.

4. I HATE that Jane Magazine has folded. I’ve read EVERY issue since September 1997.

That’s all.

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  1. Anonymous

    “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson came out in circa 1983. “Right Here” by SWV came out in 1993 and did release a remix of that song (separately from the album it was on) that involved Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.” It was a cool mix.


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