Destination: Procrastination

Five pop culture moments that could have used more Eric Stoltz

Lady Gaga was on an ep of The Sopranos?

Get Lauren Conrad’s Teen Vogue cover look
[MTV Style]

Go glitter or go home!
[Fashion Pulse Daily]

Ke$ha looks… washed on the cover of Seventeen. The mind reels
[MTV Buzzworthy]

How to pick a great flannel shirt for your man
[College Fashion]

Liz Lemon’s dating dalliances
[Tres Sugar]

In the spirit of surprising toiletry uses (I admitted just today to rocking contact lens solution in my hair), College Candy has a bunch
[College Candy]

How to wear leopard print

The best beauty products since 1985

File under thank the LAWD: A breakdown of Rihanna’s looks in “Only Girl in the World,” my new favorite tune

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