Nars Night Fairy

If you’re in the market for eye shadow (and I’m most certainly NOT because I have more than any one human should own), get yourself to Sephora and park it in front of the Nars section. Done. I used to subscribe to the theory that MAC makes the best shadow–the array of colors, the stay power, the arts and crafts aspect of it all (MAC products are kind of like art supplies, like pastels and paints, don’t you think?) and then I was introduced to Nars and I fell in LURVE. I haven’t strayed since. I don’t even want to KNOW about your shadow unless it’s Nars. Seriously.

Their crown JEWEL is Night Fairy. If you’re only going to buy one Nars shadow, I beseech you: make it Night Fairy. My friend Justine in 2002 once said, “If you’re not wearing Night Fairy when you go out, WHAT are you WEARING?” That about sums it up. It’s a fantastic, violetish pink (on, it looks perfectly violet in the compact) and is so amazing with a black outfit.

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  1. Carrie

    At Miss Amber’s recommendation, I’m doing Night Fairy shadow and using Night Breed (with Urban Decay Transformer, which, btdubs, is another excellent prodcut) as liner. It’s fabu! I must look into more night shadows…thanks again, doll.


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