You’re Going To Want To Recreate Zoe Saldana’s Red Lip, Stat

Makeup artist Vera Steimberg used Votre Vu makeup to create Zoe Saldana’s look for the Los Angeles premiere of “Live by Night.” Vera created a clean, sophisticated look with an understated feel, reflected both in Zoe Saldana’s white, high-neck gown. 
Here, the beauty breakdown.



She used a Chanel liquid foundation to perfect the skin then turned her focus to Saldana’s eyes and lips. 

“On the eyes, we’re always doing something like a contour, but this was a blank canvas—a naked eye,” said Steimberg. She used concealer Votre Vu Lingerie pour les Yeux to “remove all the color” from Saldana’s lid. She then repurposed the Votre Vu brow definer Arch De Triumphe in soft black as a gel eyeliner. She used a very fine brush to apply a thin line along the lid. “I wasn’t going for something thick and 1960s. This was chic,” said Steimberg. The brow definer is a smooth, gliding texture—perfect for doubling as eyeliner.

Steimberg generously applied Votre Vu Eiffel Power mascara to plump up Saldana’s lashes. “I’ve been using this mascara, and it’s great. The brush is full so you can really work your lashes and the formula doesn’t clump,” said the makeup artist.

On the cheeks, Steimberg used a shimmering pink shade, Sunrise, from the duo Votre Vu Beaute en Bronzeas a highlight on the apple of Saldana’s cheeks.

She finished Saldana’s premiere makeup with a bright red lipstick, Votre Vu French Kiss Moisture Riche Lipstick in Claudia, which Saldana took with her for reapplication. The hydrating formula is the perfect saturated crimson shade — so good it’s silver-screen ready. Steimberg confirmed Saldana is wearing Claudia during a scene from, “Live by Night.”

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