New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2007! I have decided that this year is going to be FANTASTIC because a) 7 is my favorite number (and I was born on the 7th of June as was Allen Iverson, with whom I am currently in a fight and Prince) and b) Odd numbered years turn out to be much better for me than even ones. I prefer odd numbers in general. In fact, at O’Hare yesterday, my friend T and I were originally going to leave from gate K8 and then were informed we would be leaving from H9. You can’t IMAGINE how much this news pleased us. T is also pro-odd numbers. Anyway. Here’s my list of resolutions for 2007.

Write Thank You notes: I actually kicked this off in the waning months of 2006, but I plan to a SERIOUS snail mail cooresponder in 2007.

Moisturize my Neck: That new Nora Ephron book, I Feel Bad About my Neck (notice it’s not I Feel BadLY about My Neck) inspired/scared the bejesus out of me that my neck will look old before its time. So I’m moisturizing the heck out my neck lately.

Eat sugar only once a month: Also a resolution employed before the new year, but since I’ve been working on this, I’ve lost about 3-4 pounds. What’s better?

Volunteer: First I need to identify a cause, but this is something I plan to seriously work on.

Figure out a way to use my desk for both makeup/hair AND work: because what I’m doing is so not okay. It’s basically a vanity table / desk hybrid and it’s not working. I’m thinking getting a hutch to store stuff above and use the surface for work will do the trick.

Speak French more: It’s gotten to the point where I can’t believe I was ever fluent. I NEED to lock it up with that.

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