For a Perfect Blowout: John Frieda Wind Down Relaxing Creme

Since my annual haircut last Saturday, I’ve been trying to lay off my Solano Sapphire Straightening Iron for a bit to try and keep my ends “happy”. So instead half-assing the job by holding the blowdryer to my hair and then using the iron, I’ve been taking the time to blowdry my hair straight using a big, fat roundbrush. As my hair is fine (and you know how much I hate that) it doesn’t take me more than about 20 minutes or so to do. The task is infinitely easier with John Frieda’s Wind Down Creme. First, I mist some Bumble and bumble thickening spray from root to tip all over my hair. Then, I apply a bit of John Frieda’s Frizz Ease (the regular formula) just to the ends. Finally, I apply about a quarter-sized dollop to the bottom half of my mane. It’s not too thick, so it doesn’t leave that nasty filmy-ness of most cremes and it really does make it 50% easier to straighten hair. Mine isn’t wildly curly to begin with, but I think this product would be especially good for those who have given up on the round brush and stick only to an iron to get their hair smooth. And no, John Frieda has not paid me to endorse so many of his products. They’re all just THAT good.

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