100 Things

1. I rarely eat red meat or meat coming from animals I think are cute (veal, lamb, rabbit, etc.)
2. I can speak fluent French and conversational Spanish and Latin
3. I wrote my first book when I was about 8. The protaganist’s name was Tiffy.
4. I’m EXTREMELY squeamish. Even thinking about laser eye surgery makes me naush.
5. I really enjoy foreign men.
6. I think George is the coolest Beatle.
7. I knew few Jews (other than those to whom I am related) until I went to college.
8. I am unbelievably weird about grammar, pronunciation and especially punctuation.
9. I hate talking on the phone
10. Buying people gifts stresses me out.
11. I pierced my own ears and those of others in middle school, despite the squeamishness. I’ll sacrifice anything for “beauty”.
12. I had my nose pierced (diamond stud, not hoop) my entire Freshman year of college. One day I woke up and thought, “Ew, a NOSERING?” and I took it out. It’s been out ever since.
13. I loathe tattoos.
14. I am petrified of bikes after being hit by one near Chelsea Piers.
15. I am also terrified of “walking sticks”–the insects, not canes.
16. I hate grunge, 90s fashion and most plaid.
17. In kindergarten, I was placed in this accelerated reading group of 4 that took place during nap time.
18. I dropped out after a month or so because I insisted on taking my naps.
19. I pride myself on knowing all the latest celeb gossip.
20. I think majoring in French Literature was one of the best moves I ever made.
21. I think more people should respect the conditional tense (“if I were to” as opposed to “if I was to”).
22. I want to live in London for a bit.
23. I secretly plan to steal off to Europe and not keep in touch with anyone Caitlin from “Summer Sisters” -style.
24. Yellow has been my favorite color since I learned what colors WERE.
25. I look best in gray.
26. I blinged my own cell phone.
27. I am the best bargain shopper you know.
28. Because of this, I think it’s okay to buy extraneous amounts of clothes, beauty products and toiletries so that I end up spending the same amount as those who shop at far more expensive stores.
28. I can only deal with poetry when it’s in French.
29. I wish I were better at sewing.
30. I love Philadelphia, but don’t ever plan on living there again.
31. I love New York. No, REALLY love New York.
32. I watch way too much TV.
33. I partake in repetition compulsion.
34. I played 3 years of violin and 1 of piano.
35. I adore chain restaurants.
36. Especially Olive Garden.
37. Even in New York. I’ve actually been to both New York locations.
38. I hated high school.
39. Though I have no background in math or finance, I’ve been working in the finance industry for 3 years.
40. I read very quickly.
41. I’ll lose respect for you instantly if I hear you say, “I feel badly”.
42. If you don’t know why that’s grammatically incorrect, ask me and I’ll be happy to tell you.
43. I think the title “best friend” is stupid.
44. I am such a Gemini.
45. Most of my childhood was governed by whether or not Mercury was retrograding as my mother is an astrologer.
46. For that reason, I had to take the SAT on my 17th birthday.
47. Mercury was in retrograde on all other dates the test was offered.
48. I have the same birthday as Prince and Allen Iverson.
49. I envision a big triple birthday one day for the 3 of us.
50. I want to visit Australia badly.
51. I think this is partially because of my new obsession by the show, LOST.
52. I can’t live without my Word-of-the-Day calendar.
53. I ADORE Atlantic City for reasons unbeknownst even to me.
54. Apples are my favorite fruit.
55. Even though I watch a strange amount of MTV, I am seriously into Sci Fi.
56. I walk really quickly.
57. I wish everyone would just admit they gossip.
58. I think I’m an okay cook.
59. Everyone really does think they have good taste and a sense of humor.
60. I LOVE the Golden Girls, especially the Murder Mystery episode.
61. Come to think of it, there was also a Murder Mystery episode of Saved by the Bell, also quite good.
62. It took me a long time to be able to appreciate my name.
63. The minute I appreciated it, it became mainstream.
64. I wish Alanis Morrisette didn’t take it upon herself to misinform the world about the meaning of the word “ironic”.
65. The older I get, the more Madonna annoys me.
66. My number one pet peeve is inauthenticity.
67. I have never been to L.A.
68. I know a lot about boy cartoons and boy “pastimes”, i.e., fort-making.
69. I really enjoy reading Maureen Dowd’s column on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
70. I also enjoy crossword puzzles.
71. I’m not at the level where I can do it in pen–yet.
72. I’m pretty good at keeping in touch.
73. I dream of having Orlando Pita do my hair for an event.
74. I’m still mourning the death of Kevyn Aucoin.
75. I still subscribe to 3 teen magazines.
76. I don’t like sweet food (except for dessert, once in a while).
77. This is because my brother and I didn’t grow up eating sweets or sugary cereal. We’re still freaked out when we see someone eating Frosted Flakes at BREAKFAST.
78. The phrase “the reason why” is redundant. Try to say, simply, “the reason is”.
79. I wear contacts, without them I can barely see 2 feet in front of me.
80. I’ve worn the same brand since 8th grade.
81. I have extremely, extremly high arches. As a ballet dancer, I could have leapt to the top of the Empire State Building.
82. Seriously, my feet are like Barbie’s. They were made for high heels.
83. I quit ballet after only a couple of weeks when I was 6. The teacher scared me. Her name was Miss. Wanda and she had a wart on her FACE.
84. I don’t really like dancing in general. I wonder if this has anything to do with The Wart.
85. I need a break from the city every 5 weeks or so.
86. After 3 days, I can’t wait to get back.
87. After learning that people all over the world read this blog regularly, I wish I’d come up with a better name for it.
88. I rarely like to wear patterned shirts.
89. I have a serious East Coast personality.
90. I’m dying to get my hands on some Chanel Black Satin nail polish.
91. For someone so consumed by beauty, I rarely get haircuts. Only once or twice a year.
92. I’m also allergic to most perfumes.
93. I go through phases where I’m compulsively neat.
94. I’m approaching one again.
95. The last one was in high school.
96. I covet Rebecca Gayheart’s curls.
97. Where has Rebecca Gayheart been?
98. I’m fascinated by Roman history.
99. I tivo two shows daily: The Greg Berhendt Show and What Not to Wear (BBC version).
100. I watch them immediately upon arriving at my apartment each night.

7 Comments 100 Things

  1. Nancy M

    Loved #45, I tried to explain Mercury retrograde to my husband ( who works with your Dad) one day, he thought I had totally lost it !!

  2. Amber

    Kizzykell–I wrote this post two years ago, first of all. SORRY I misspelled pastimes. BTW, it’s not something you do in the past. Look up the word. It means something you do to PASS the time. Second of all, I’m Jewish, so I’m not sure why that gives you a funny feeling “not in a good way.”

  3. kizzykell

    Isn’t fort-building a ‘past-time’, something done in the past? And why did you mention not knowing many Jews? That gave me a funny feeling, not in a good way.

  4. Anonymous

    I also remember Miss Wanda and her wart. She would always fart when we did ballet stretches. Foul…

    Kim C

  5. Anonymous

    I was in that reading group in kinderG with you- it was called BEARS. I grew up hating enlish and sucking at all things grammer. Love you blog. I am bored and reading back issues as you can see. Miss y’all!

    Kim Chernow (Stone)


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