Tarte Cheekstains

So as this is a beauty blog, and not about my random thoughts regarding 80s singers and fashion, I should probably post a review. Sometimes, when a blog is your own and you can do whatever you want because a) This is America and b) it’s your own blog, you can start to lose focus. SO.

Tarte is my second favorite brand after Benefit (let’s be honest…it’s because they both have clever, cute packaging and I am the dream consumer). Tarte cheek stains are SO WORTH the investment. Per my Poise article, I am anti-powder in a mage way. While I can’t switch to gel/cream eye shadow (because my eyelids would start resembling an oilslick), I can and have switched to gel blush/bronzer. I use Flush (a raspberry blush that smells like really good juice) and Sunkissed (a surprisingly natural, sheer dark brown). Check it.

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