5 Things To Know About Christie Brinkley

That’s Christie at breakfast with some of the Hair2Wear execs and moi on the right. 
First of all, what kind of WEEK was I having when I’ve shared dance space with Christy Turlington TWICE (once on the plane back from Madrid on Saturday and then on Monday night when she was honored at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards), the Victoria’s Secret angels backstage before the annual fashion show and ALSO getting to have breakfast with LEGEND Christie Brinkley and discussing Hair2Wear? The BEST kind of week, friends. Christie was absolutely lovely, even though I was super-nerve. I mean, I bought all the CoverGirl when she was the face of CoverGirl because I wanted to be just like her, in her high-cut swimsuits. Here, 5 things to know about Christie Brinkley.

1. She’s funny.
She passed over a bangs piece from Hair2Wear and goes, “Would you like some hair with your yogurt?”

2. She’s on Team Soulcycle (but she also jogs and does Total Gym, of which she is the face).
She goes typically when she’s at her home in the Hamptons, but I may have convinced her to try the newer Flywheel studio, which is actually close to her. #NeverCoast

3. She eats! 
She actually ate her breakfast.

4. She taught me a thing or two about scoring undone-chic beach hair.
Christie noted that her favorite way to wear Hair2Wear is to bring it on vacation to ensure low-maintenance hair unfazed by the elements that still looks “done.” Her favorite? The side-pony ($39) for a night out.
5. She still looks as good as she did when she inspired you to buy ALL of the CoverGirl.
Or maybe that was just me. Either way, this supe is looking spectacular from head to toe.
Have you tried extensions and clip-in ponytails? What was your experience?

Hair2Wear is available at hair2wear.com.

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