Summer Storm Savior: The Hunter Romilly Waterproof Flat

It’s POURING right now in NYC. 

Summer rain storms are my favorite (only when I’m safely inside in the AC, of course). When I have to be out and about, I’d pop on my patent leather flats, assuming they’d be less damaged than leather (true) but they’re still a fairly terrible option. My feet would slide around in them and be soaked within an hour. But obviously, I’m not going to rock my gigantic, hot rain boots.

Enter Hunter Romilly Flats. These rubber shoes are just so genius, I can’t believe I only JUST found out about them. They’re utterly waterproof and won’t make you schvitz to high heaven. I just ordered mine for a mere $45 on sale at

What on earth do YOU wear on your feet in stormy summer weather? 

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